Winter Skin Goals

With the cold weather quickly approaching, we have to take action in order to avoid the skin disaster that winter can reap!!! 

Between the drastic change in temperature and climate, and not I mention stressful holiday season, your skin may not only be dehydrated but also hormonal, or detoxing.

 Depending on your skin type and where you live you may have a variation of signs of “winter skin blues” lol! No worry Love’s, I have some tips and tricks to share that will totally ease your pretty little faces into this hectic time of year!

1. Make sure you are using the right products for your skin type!!!

2. Remember to double cleanse, at least. First with an oil or balm, followed by faom or exfoliating cleanser.

3. Overnight dry oils are amazing for everyone, yes even you my oily friends. Dry oils treat various skin concerns, I personally love Caudalie’s VineActiv Detox Oil as well as their VinoSource Overnight Recovery Oil! You can wear these alone or under your night cream or sleeping Masks.

3. A Mask a night will totally change your life! I swear by the saying  “a mask a day keeps the wrinkles away”. I am obsessed with Masks and love Sleeping Masks especially during winter!

4. Let’s not forget about our eyes and lips! Dehydration and time can totally take a toll on our eyes and the volume of our lips. So I have been using eye and lip Masks along with my daily eye and lip creams. Even if your getting routine dermal fillers, the Masks will help them from metabolising and maintaining the plumpness!

I hope these tips have inspired your new winter skin routines! I’ve posted my Winter Dream Skin favorites below, enjoy Love’s ❤


Mimi Dube

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